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Inti Group

We are a large international organization that has as its purpose make your organization grow, being leaders in the provision of consulting, training and business audit services, dedicated to discover new business opportunities, promote improvements and strengthen business productivity; through a great highly qualified professional and specialized team, that will, together with Your company, provide modern, organized, sustainable and effective management.


We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our work, delivering solutions and services of the highest quality.


We stand out for our ability to adapt to changes and challenges in the business environment, ensuring effective solutions in any situation.


We foster innovation in everything we do, constantly seeking new opportunities and ways to improve.



We operate with integrity and ethics in all our business dealings, maintaining a high level of transparency and honesty.



We strive for excellence in everything we do, continuously pushing to exceed our standards and achieve exceptional results.




We work as a team and encourage both internal and external collaboration, recognizing that success is achieved through mutual enhancement.



Our GOAL is

  • Enter at least 3 countries by 2024, of which one must be in South America, another in Central America and the other in Europe or Asia. 
  • Develop our own business methodology,
  •  Maintain human talent in constant training, and
  • Achieve an EBITDA margin of 35%

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